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Ok, i really dont know if the picture is accurate, and motors and props are included. Because the description only says "Flight Board with XXXX Sensors".


http://www.goodluckbuy.com/miniature-fo ... 883l-.html




Supposed to have an STM32 controller, but the picture shows an AVR. If its indeed an STM, those are pretty common and easy to program. Bit faster than the avr as well, and 32 bit. And seems on the picture that like most of the pins are broken out.




This is apparently the STM version






But for that price, and free shipping, im going for it. Just ordered and see what arrives :D

Will update here ofc.



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Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd...... A flight video!   I was trying to stay low because i was testing new rubber bands for the props, at one point you see one snapping. Also trying to stay low for the camera of

Since Marko is interested.. Here is my first LOS(Line of Sight) flight.  

Well it's flying! Got a total flying time of about 14 minutes now, and my first crash   Finally felt confident enough to fly it higher than 40 centimeters today. So it was at about 3 meters and eas

In for one! At that price, how can I not be? :D


Wonder how I'll control it... :think:


--- EDIT ---

Just got this in email:

Thank you for buying at GLB!

Our staff made a mistake on the item you purchase: SKU 86458 (PCB Blank Board for Miniature Four-axis Flight Control Nine-axis Module STM32 + MPU6050 HMC5883L),

that you might think it would come with the propeller and the motors. It is actually a PCB board only.

For this item, which has a potential risk of misleading our customer, we decide to provide a full refund first.

And later we would send a GLB PCB board as a gift from us.


We apologize for any inconvenience that we made.


Best Regards


The GLB customer service


Disappointing, but excellent customer service. I may eventually buy one of their lower-end quadrotors since they seem legit. ;)

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Well might not be what you expected, but you get something for free now :P

And later we would send a GLB PCB board as a gift from us.

I got the same mail. Was to good to be true apparently, but for an stm controller board with gyro on board, it would still have been cheap.


And yeah they are legit. Guys on the dutch forum have been ordering lots of stuff there without issues.

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Just got a mail that there is SOMETHING on its way to me. No idea what i will be receiving though...


Dear Mark


Thank you for your order. The order has been shipped to you as follows. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Tracking information for your order will take a day or two to appear on post office website.


We hope to see you again soon!


MSN: goodluckbuy.com@hotmail.com


Skype: goodluckbuy.com


Email: service@goodluckbuy.com


Track No. Delivery Address Package Weight Package Number Delivery Date

XXXXX701XX XXXXX Netherlands 001958611509kg 2012-8-9-24 2012-08-09


If info is correct, it would arrive on my birthday and would be ,VERY heavy :P But doubt they can schedule that accurate so far in advance.


p.s. added some XXX where personal or tracking info was

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From an email I received after I asked about additional parts for this quadrotor:

The quadrotor of this board is in this link:

http://www.goodluckbuy.com/miniature-fo ... 883l-.html

You can use any 6 (or more than 6) channel remote control and it does not need a receiver.

Also you need to write your own firmware, this product is not pre-programmed.

Not sure what it's using for a receiver, and there is no firmware supplied.


Well, it's a free board with a microcontroller and motor controllers at least. Should be interesting! :D

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I would not be surprised if we really only got the board without the chips. Thats what we originally ordered.

But if we indeed a populated board, that would be quite useful probably :)

Yep, looking at it now, that's what it has to be. The MPU6050 and HMC5883L are each about $20 in small quantities.


The site originally read "Miniature Four-axis Flight Control Nine-axis Module STM32 + MPU6050 HMC5883L" when we ordered. NOW it reads "PCB Blank Board for Miniature..." and has different photos. Guess they fixed it. :D

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Well i got my freebie today, i received a power distribution board, 8 esc's max designed for a crius flightcontroller (same dimensions and holes, for tower building) but useful for other porposes perhaps.


Since im flying a crius it will be useful for me, when i crash my current improvised power board. Will happen some time probably ;)

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