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Data Logger board

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Data Logger module.

Renamed from data recorder since it just didn't sound correct.


I worked on this over the weekend as I was looking to create something simple for a(the main)project I've been working on. I was thinking it would be something similar in features(though a little more) to the uLogger that SF sells in that it stores readings to a mem chip and was small. I could see this being useful for some projects.


I was hoping to get a once over(feedback) on it to see if anything overtly wrong could be spotted. As far as I can tell, everything looks good and it should work as expected(HA! right...never happens.)

This is pretty tightly packed as well...so....maybe too packed? Let me know what ya think!


uProc 2X53 (current version using a G2353)


pinout for programming

pinout for external parts

header with uart and acd/CA channels broken out. (additional pluggable module is going to be in the works next to utilize the header.)

external memory chip with 1mbit storage(other options available)

3 status LEDs

3.3v vreg onboard.

jumper to set reset/alt button.


The only thing I don't have broken out atm are the xtal pins....though I planned on having at least one broken out.




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Renders of the boards and how they should look when completed


I worked on this last night, this is the addon board with support for plugging in adc devices plus a simple light sensor onboard for simple testing. The light sensor circuit was setup incorrectly so this is not the final version, but pretty close.



Rendered version of the main board.Can't wait to get it and try it out! :thumbup:


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@bluehash, I may go with them after I've successfully confirmed that the board functions as expected, though until then, I'm going with smaller batches through dorkbotpdx. I will hopefully have the boards by early next week and start the build/testing of each.


@krzyk2 Hadn't thought about that, but I could actually add it to the bottom of the board or make an addon module to allow for it. I'll have to look around and see if there is a simple fat/fat32 file system lib for the 430. I'm pretty sure I"ve seen one on this forum.... The addon board that I did design has the UART broken out as to be able to at least jumper it to an lp board for communication and transmission of data(that's the thought at least). :)

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Hadn't thought about that, but I could actually add it to the bottom of the board or make an addon module to allow for it. I'll have to look around and see if there is a simple fat/fat32 file system lib for the 430. I'm pretty sure I"ve seen one on this forum.



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I received the datalogger board today and after multiple hw tests to verify that board functioned as expected, I completed the first of 3 test boards. The last test is to verify that the memory chip is recording correctly, and until then I can't say that this board is 100% functional. though the current 80% has me pretty excited. Now I'm waiting for the addon board that is breaks out the datalogging pins plus a couple other pins to a usable 3 pin configuration.


Images included in this set have the button 1 switch which allows for it to be a reset or action button, and the male header pins. The other image shows the board pre switch and header mockup and also conected to the lp which allows me to do the uploading of programs. Very happy so far. Tonight and tomorrow I'll work on getting the memory chip tested as well as doing some initial tests on the data input ports(adc channels)and communications port(hw uart).



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Update so far. After a frustrating day of not seeing any viable response from the eeprom I tried my luck on IRC to see if anyone had any ideas. Lucky for me Rickta suggested that I try a configuration that worked(it was my next step, Honest!!!). Seeing as I had some 2553 chips and the original mem chip that I used was a dip version that was similar to the new SMT chip, I figured I'd try to do a read of memory that I knew had data on it...with a bit of updating and testing of my write function, I was able to at least get a simple test program that would write and read the memory address. Switch over to the DR board, and bam, it worked.....So now, after a couple of hours, I've got some initial functions that read and write to the eeprom chip, check the status, and well...hackily do some other things....so as far as I'm concerned, this board is a success... :) So now to admit my fail....I was trying to read the status reg of the chip and in fact was receiving data(0x00) but thought I should be receiving something along the lines of 0x02(anything other than 0x00 actually). Nope, I had to set a reg to actually get something more than 0x00...so....yeah, I was getting the correct data, but was thinking it was incorrect....wasted time...but ah well...it's working now....without actually testing "something that worked" I would have spent a few more frustrating hours trying to figure out why things weren't working. Also thanks to Rick for pointing out some code that helped in figuring it out..... :thumbup:

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The first addon board came in and with a little bit of fiddling, filing and fitting, I was able to get it attached in a way that would work. The header post length was a bit longer than expected so I had to place the male headers through the underside first....not the best way to set things up, but we'll figure out what I can do. Still working on coding the mem chip which I'll be posting the current code for in a short while. Once getting the code sorted out with the mem chip I'll start to work on the code for the temp sensor to do some logging of data.

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Thanks BH! :)


As promised, the code....though it's far from finished, it does work...mostly.... :/ I know a lot can be done better and don't even bother giving me grief on the blinky code....it's an embarrassment, but hey, I know it's bad and I'll fix it!!!! :shh:

Don't be too harsh...it's work in progress, I'll be updating it more tomorrow and possibly tonight.



Edit 1: updated code to V.02. This has a lot of fixes improvements and tweaks. Improved blink code, added INT handlers for several areas, added test code that works.

This has test code in the case area which all pretty much should work if you wanted to try it out with a similar mem chip setup. One area that I'll be working on next is the reading of the mem chip. It works, but there are some issues I need to iron out.

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This is the first graph of data pulled from the data logger. This was a simple test, but verified saving and retrieving of data from the chip and some other test functions that I have been working on. This test used the WDT interval timer and took roughly an hour to run to collect 4096 samples. The variances in temp were due to the time and the amount of sun hitting the logger(2 rapid increases in temp). I think it's time to populate another board as I know the setup works and would allow me to start running longer tests while working on code.


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