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First Impression ???

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Ok I finally installed Energia. Then I uploaded the 'Blink' sketch (program?) onto a Launchpad v1.4 board with an MSP430G2231 installed (and 32-kHz xtal). Looks just like the Arduino IDE, even starting a new instance of the IDE when you load the sketch (I still haven't figured out the logic behind that). I was surprised that the LED flash rate isn't even close to one second on and off.


Next I opened the 'Fade' sketch. The listing references pin 9 which appears to be P2.1 on the Launchpad board. So it seems the 'Fade' demo is written for either a '2452 or a '2553, right? Wouldn't it seem reasonable and intuitive to mention that in the comments at the top of the program, err, I mean sketch? Or, is Energia really just indended for the 20 pin devices?


Other than that, when you consider that someone can go from installing drivers and software to running their first MSP430 'sketch' in a matter of minutes, this is really pretty cool and I suspect it will open up the door to many new users.


Cheerful regards, Mike

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The focus really has been on the larger devices such as the 2553 and 2452. The 2231 is a very resource constrained device.


With that said, the blink on a 2231 should not have been an issue. I reviewed the code and there is an issue with the delay() function for a device running at 1MHz. Thank you for the report. Will create an issue on github so that we get it fixed in the next release.


The fade demo uses GREEN_LED which is P1.6 and hence the reference to pin 9 is wrong. Will correct it.



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