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Changing the IDE Editor Font?

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I wonder if I could take the opportunity to ask a question about the IDE, please?


Is this a modified version of the same IDE used by Arduino? If so, is there a way to select a different default editor font? I asked this a couple years ago on the Arduino Forums and never got an answer. I assume no one with knowledge about the IDE got around to reading it. I'm hoping that someone in this relatively new and small Energia group with intimate knowledge about the (Java based?) IDE might actually see my question and respond. Basically, I'd like to be able to use the fixed pitch Consolas font in the IDE Editor.


TIA. Cheerful regards, Mike

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That file looks very similar to the one in the Arduino IDE, and just like the Arduino IDE, attempts to change the Editor font don't work. At least not for me. It almost seems as though fonts are included in the IDE java files.


Anyway, it's a shame because the font makes a huge difference on my laptop;


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Energia is based on Arduino. A quick look at the font handling in the IDE (Written in Java) and it looked like it should work. As the sources suggested, changing the font in the preferences file worked for me. This is the line in my preferences file:


. You should be able to change this to any font available on your system. I ran my test with Energia 0101E0006 on Max OS X.


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Ok, I think it's working. Setting editor.antialias=true makes a perceivable difference though the font still doesn't look as good as it does in my other IDEs for some reason.


Thank you for helping, Gentlemen.


Cheerful regards, Mike

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