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Extending a USB debugger

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I need to debug a device sitting on the lab table. I have a notebook with me, but the development environment (mostly CCS) is installed on my workstation in my office. I can connect to my workstation via Remote Desktop, but how do I get the debugger (MSP-FET, XDS100 etc.) to be recognized by the workstation, when it's sitting right next to me, up to 100 ft away from my desktop?


I tried USB-via-network software, but the performance is too bad. I can get a connection, but it takes ages to download a program.


I am open to any suggestions! Of course, installing everything on the notebook and using network shares or Git/SVN would work, but I loath having to install everything twice. Besides, this would require a much more powerful notebook to not be a pita... ;)


A USB-cable extender could work, especially since we are rebuilding our offices and lab, so we could just throw a few extra cables into the walls. Any experience which of those are worth their money? Or are there any good USB-via-network hardware solutions for this scenario?




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@bluehash: A software solution that works over the network like that would be the best. However, I already tried one and it didn't work for debugging. I could install a lot of different trial versions, but I have to make a living with these computers and don't like the idea of dozens of half-installed software zombies ... :lol: So I was wondering if anyone has already successfully used something for debugging.


@zeke: I wouldn't even need to convert, I could just install my node locked on a secondary computer. The license covers this. But this is exactly what I don't want to do, because it doesn't end with CCS. There is LabView, AVRStudio, IAR, in-house-software-stuff, etc. It's not only a lot of different stuff to keep up-to-date, I would also need a notebook to rival my workstation, performance wise, for this to make sense... If I use remote desktop, I can use some old thing, because it doesn't have to actually do anything.

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If you're only using to debug then maybe using git or svn or a shared network drive with mspdebug and gdb, with other standalone programmers for avr , just to debug on the local machine then using remote.desktop to make the changes to code.and compile, then use mspdebug to reload the code to your target.


at least thats what i would do....

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