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Reading multiple channel using ADC10, DTC, G2553 and launchp

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Would like to read 5 ch, use "average/oversampling" (as in post: reduce noice in ADC12). Use UART to send it.

Have modified the code in msp430g2x33_adc10_14.c, modified to read P1.7 to P1.3, seems to work using debug to read result.


Have just done a few more search and found this in e2e forum:"On 2x (or at least on the G2553 - I didn't check the other datasheets) this has changed. Sorry, you're hosed. If the port pin schematics is correct, you cannot use ADC10 sequence mode together with the UART. Only one at a time." My understanding is, I can not use what I have tested.


May I ask what "what ADC config" is recomended? Using G2553, launchpad, UART, "multi channel" try oversampling. I wanted to do this as a task trying to learn more on programing G2554.

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How are you only reading through P1.3? My understanding is that for ADC10, Sequence Mode reads each channel from Ax to A0 (x corresponds to INCH_x in ADC10CTL0), so if you've started it at P1.7, it will read all 8 channels for the ADC. If that's correct, it would explain the UART issue, since it's conflicting with your UART channels on P1.1 and P1.2.


The good news is that you can do this, if you're willing to put software UART in. Use the timer output on P1.5 instead; I've just finished an experiment (using G2231) that will be posted to my blog in the next couple of days that gives an example of doing this-- I'm reading two channels in ADC10, which prevents me from using P1.1 for UART, so I moved the software UART to P1.5. It would be just as easy to change to the same on yours, using P1.4-P1.0 for the ADC channels. Or you could use TA1 on P2 instead.

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