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Energia startup time : mac

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Hi clyvb,


Couple of questions:

- Is this with version 0101E0006?

- What is your version of OS X?

- Did you have the same issue with the previous version?

- Was your LaunchPad plugged in?


I don't have access to a clean OS X machine but will see if I can set something up over the weekend.



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Robert, Rei,

thank you for the suggestions it is fixed.

I'm just confirming for others the setup and what fixed it.


I am using the new 0101E0006 although about->Energia still says January though like the last version ?

, osx version 10.6.8, 4gb 1067 Mhz , 2.66 GHz core2duo. mac book pro.

I have had issues with all versions and it's the same if launchpad is plugged in or not.


Once I excluded Energia.app from Sophos startup scan, it starts almost instantly.

in sophos->preferences select "on-access scanning" and then "excluded items"

add /Applications/Energia.app to the list using the '+' in the lower left corner.


Perhaps consider enabling scan now and again and after a fresh version download. I'd hate to

create an attack vector here.


I guess sophos keeps re-scanning it on a fresh start. I don't know why firefox or

any of my other apps don't have the same issue. Something for the sophos forum.

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