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CCS 5: How to Program Two MSPs at Once?

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Has anyone figured out how to program two MSP430s at once? Right now the only way I have figured out is to pull the usb cable out of one of them and then repeat on the other one.


I do have two targets setup in the target configurations window, for USB1 and USB2 but it doesn't do them both at the same time. Also it would be cool if I could have two debuggers running at once.

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Sorry to disappoint you but that can't be done.


You can program to devices at the same time but that's with a gang programmer.


And a gang programmer can/should only be used in a production environment. It can't be used as a debugger.


If you are still developing then you are going to have to program them individually.

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I ended up doing what Sir Ferdek said. I setup another CCS instance in VMware so I could have two running at the same time. I grabbed the second MSP430 USB with VMware. I then installed the Subclipse plugin on both Code Composers and setup a Subversion server. I check my code into Subversion with Subclipse when I make changes. Then I can synchronize the code on both Code Composers by doing a Subclipse Update.

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