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Chronos not accepting battery power

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Basically, for a while, my Chronos 433 just SUCKED. I'd be flicking through the menus and it would reset. This happened especially when i went to the accelerometer. So i went to replace the battery. Idiot me didn't read the directions, and i removed the back half. No problem, right? I slip it back on. Now battery works in it eveb MORE sporadicaly. I plug it in with the emulator, powers on fine. Try it with the battery, nada. The backlight works, so it is getting power. Twice i got it to power on and it faded to black. What should i do?


Worse ye, the battery in the watch reads 2.9V...blah

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It only happens if i read the accelerometer--and happened before i ever opened up the watch. :(. Sometimes, if i shoot by accel while cycling the menu, it would do it. If i didn't touch it, it would last. I got sick of having to wirelessly reset my watch all the time (or manually as it happened a couple times a day and away from a computer). Actually i opened it up to change the battery, when this whole mess got started lol. do you think it just might be crashing? Maybe i should update the firmware...

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