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Ideas for a 43oh MSP430 badge.

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I'll throw this idea in without doing some research in advance, maybe not the best thing to do.
Anyway, here it comes :grin:

When I read 'Energy Harvesting' in a previous post, I thought of RFID or NFC immeadeatly. To me this sounds ideal for a badge, considering the possible uses for it. 
One would have to figure out an appropiate RFID solution and its cost, but the PCB antenna goes for 0$ and you might be able to power the badge by the RFID / NFC reader, without a battery.

We would need a physical reset button - these are nice and low profile - I would consider them accessible even to non-SMD folks.  However, PTH switches are obviously cheaper.  

Two tinned pads and a paperclip would work, too :D This might suffice if resetting the badge is only needed for programming or in case of a program crash.

Just my two cents ;-)
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On other energy harvesting matters: photovoltaic cells (i.e.: solar panels) are an option too. A more exotic option would be thermal gradient, using Pelletier elements. As a badge is worn on chest, out is close to human body heat. In most cases,the body is warmer than the environment. In theory this is an exploitable energysource.

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Energy harvesting and NFC sound awesome - but they're unfortunately over my head.  I've looked into NFC recently and setting up an antenna correctly requires tuning it with an oscilloscope - hardware I don't have unfortunately.  That doesn't necessarily mean that we don't have someone in the forums with that skillset though.  I think if we can get a good group effort going - we can turn out something pretty cool.


My initial goal was to make this very accessible - something blinky and not too difficult to put together.  Most badges are either pre-manufactured, or simple enough that a beginner can put everything together.  


As a community?  What our target audience for something like this?  Is it something for beginners to pick up, or something for our more seasoned members?  Once we decide on that - I think it will be easier to determine what type of parts we would use (all pth, some smd, all smd) and what kind of functionality we want (blink vs advanced functionality).  


Also - do we have anyone lurking around with some art skills?  It would be nice to have an awesome silk screen to go with this.  




I gotta say though, having 2 boards glued/soldered together is a neat idea. Drill holes in the upper board so LEDs sit flush. Humm... Sent from my C3PO via Tapatalk


I've actually got a test board coming from OSHPark (should be here tuesday) to test out something similar - and I've seen a business-card board like that on HaD.  I used an 0805 LED footprint and put as big drill in the middle.  The idea would be to solder the LEDs in upside-down.  Hopefully it won't be too kludgey.  It's on a cap-touch board, so I'm planning on turning the LEDs on and off when the buttons are touched.  They also sell surface mount LEDs that shine upside-down - I believe TI used those on the captouch boosterpack.  However - I'd guess that those are more expensive and harder to come by (although hopefully with a large enough buy - it wouldn't be too big of a deal)



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