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TimerSerial compile error: 'TA0IV_TACCR1' was not declared i

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When i try the TimerSerial example, on my MSP430 with the 2231, or the 2211, i get this compile error


D:\Projects\MSP430 Energia\hardware\msp430\libraries\TimerSerial\TimerSerial.cpp: In static member function 'static void TimerSerial::RxIsr()':

D:\Projects\MSP430 Energia\hardware\msp430\libraries\TimerSerial\TimerSerial.cpp:205:16: error: 'TA0IV_TACCR1' was not declared in this scope


I downloaded the source on June 1st and did not edit any h files yet.


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More of an FYI. The current coding focus of Energia has been getting the msp430g2452 and msp430g2553 chips working nicely with the standard and popular libraries. The original launchpad msp430g2231 chip only has 2k of flash and 128 bytes of ram. It also doesn't have a hardware UART. You might want to consider ordering one of the newer V1.5 launchpads from the TI EStore Launchpad. The V1.5 version comes with the newer msp430g2452 and msp430g2553 chips. These chips are a better fit for the Energia framework and it only cost $4.30 with free shipping.



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Thanks guys for the fix. Tested it and it works with the echo back, but with some errors (it didn't print "Hello world" in void setup, but all subsequent communication in the loop worked fine).


I understand the reasoning, as TI has moved on and this is older gear now. I will be getting the 1.5 soon (already shipped out) and i understand the overhead issues. I mainly use it for visual diagnostics anyways :).

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Now that i have both boards, thus, both MCUs.


I had tried to include it as an OR statement, and it failed to compile. I made an at ELIF statement, that may not have worked either, as i get no reply from the 2553. What must i do for both MCUs to work?


Also, what is necessary to do make the system compatible with other similar MCUs or MSP430s, like the F2012/2013 and the chronos. Very curious...

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