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Silly thing I tried this weekend...

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This has been long time since i wanted to do something with a sample from TI (thanks TI!) that included an SMD version of MSP430F2003. I tried to solder thin wire cut from burnt LEDs, but my skill or gear is far from the level to finish the job. They doesn't stick well or simply fall off after awhile..


So recently read something about using the graphite on pencil, which is conducting material, to form part of a circuit. Following the concept and some very crude testing (lit an LED), i tried to connect the Vcc, GND, TEST, and RST to that small chip in an attempt to program it, by drawing a pencil-pcb on a Starbuck coupon:




Unfortunately the goddess of Starbuck did not smile at me this time :lol: CCS keep saying it can't connect or is not a recognized device.


Maybe someday I'll find a way to make use of these two little chips :P

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...Maybe someday I'll find a way to make use of these two little chips :P

You can use one of those, it's for 20 pin chip, but will also work with 14 pin.


They look great! My list to get from the store now have the NanoPad and the Ethernet Boosterpack! :D


thats pretty cool!


I have wire glue thay is just glue and graphite powder. I was going to use it to make a resister, out of a straw and some scrap wire but the whole thing dried out.


I never know there is such a thing before, thanks! It's quite pleasing in the journey to improvise something isn't it? :P

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