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I'm a new user. I've been working on a little Launchpad booster to make a kit for a group of Boy Scouts so they can do their Electronics merit badge. I wasn't satisfied with the old analog pre-made kits, and thought that the Lauchpad would be a perfect start for a programmable project, so I designed this one.


My project is an 8x8 LED matrix project very similar to the one by fj604 with the AS1106 matrix driver, only for whatever reason (stupidity?) I'm using the AS1116, which is not code compatible, and the G2553, which also required some code re-write. I've done a PCB layout for my project with an eBay LED matrix, the AS1116 matrix driver, two buttons, and two potentiometers if anyone's interested. I don't plan on making extra boards (the ones I have were generously donated by Bay Area Circuits), but you can have my layout and make your own.


A little background on myself. I've been a TI engineer for 19 years now, mostly in hardware. While most would consider me an expert in high speed digital PCB layout and complex embedded processor designs and mechanical fabrication. I only know enough code to be dangerous! This has proved to be troubling since the hardware is the easy part (for me anyway).


I have been able to get my code working so far though, but now I'm trying to integrate the analog potentiometer into the game and make it more like PONG! If anyone knows of some good example code, I'd be happy to hear about it! Remember I'm not that great at software, so please be simple.


That's all for now. Thanks for the support!

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Now that I"m re-reading my post I think I came off sounding a little full of myself. That was not my intention. I'm here to learn about code, and if anyone has any questions on subjects that I know, I'd be happy to help as well.


I will post my project in the projects section. Thanks for the link!



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