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Easylink transmit and receive troubles

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hi!!, i just start with energia and easylink library, i have some troubles and i try to understand reading the instructions of the codes.

I read the transmision could be scheduled or inmediatly, when i try with the easylinkTx example the transmition start inmediatly because the abstime is 0, but i try to use easylink_transmit( ) and i have some errors.

this is the instruction of how to use the function:

EasyLink_Status EasyLink_transmit(EasyLink_TxPacket *txPacket)

Sends a Packet with blocking call.

This function is a blocking call to send a packet. If the Tx is successfully scheduled then the function will block until the Tx is complete.

param txPacket - The descriptor for the packet to be Tx'ed.


Ann i have this error:

EasyLinkTx:44:39: error: expected primary-expression before '*' token

   EasyLink_transmit(EasyLink_TxPacket *txPacket);

i dont send mi code because i just add Easylink_transmit(txPacket) in easylinkTx example

anyone could tell me how can i use correctly easylink_transmit() and Easylink_receive, and also send me and example



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