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Play single mp3 with Audio Capasitive BoosterPack

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Hi there!


I'm doing a EE school project where we want to play audiofiles on different events.


For this i bought the Audio Capasitive BoosterPack for a LaunchPad i had and hoped to use this setup.


The MSP is getting signals on four different lines from an AVR microcontroller the signal what audiofiles should be played.


I've looked at the sample code for the booseterpack and understand most of it. But i cant seem to play audio files "single shot", so it does not play the next file automatically.


Ideally i would like to read an input, and the play a file like "3.mp3", instead of shifting to songs left and then hope it got it right and got to the right file.


I hope someone out there will help me and my group into MSP developement :roll:


BTW: Only programming of the AVR and not the MSP is in our project description so seeking help for this is no in any way, shape or form cheeting.



Cheers Martin Munk, Denmark :wave:

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