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Ham Radio Repeater

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Howdy from an Ohio ham radio operator. I purchased my 430 several months ago. I was just thinking about the use of as a radio repeater controller. For those that don't know, The controller controls 2 radio simultaniously. One is the receiver (rx) and the other the transmitter (tx). Not only does it tell the radios what to do it needs to have a timeout and id capability. simple morse code for the id function every 'x' minutes. Also a courtesy tone/beep when the rx radio senses the signal drop. Is it possible for it to decode DTMF to control relays to turn on and off equipment?


I have been looking around the net (and still am) to see if anyone else has done this. I havven't found anything yet. Is it even possible for the 430 to do this? Anyway, thanks for the help.


Stormadvisor, kc8bew

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The app-note is from 1997, back when MSP430 had a maximum clock rate of 3.3 MHz. If it was possible then, our 16 MHz Value Line MSP430s shouldn't have any problem with it...

Good point and very interesting app note BTW (I was looking for just that when working on my color organ.) Rewriting it in C should not take much time.

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