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[RFS] MotorPack - 4 CH motor controller booster pack

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4 CH motor controller booster pack


The MotorPack Booster Pack is a 4 CH motor controller based off the DRV8830 from Texas Instruments.


Key Features

  • Drive up to 4 DC motors at 1A per channel (External power supply is required)
  • Easy and IO saving I2C interface (Only 3 GPIO pins required)
  • Motor Fault Detection
  • Stackable! (Hopefully)


Status: PCB Routing

I'm rerouting the PCB for the addition of the address select logic

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  • 4x - DRV8830DGQ
    *1x - TLV70433DBV
    1x - TXS0102DCU
    1x - 2N3904 NPN transistor in SOT-23
    7x - 0.1uF ceramic capacitor in 0805
    1x - 1uF ceramic capacitor in 0805
    1x - 10uF electrolytic capacitor in EIA3216
    1x - 4.7K carbon resistor in 0805
    1x - 10K carbon resistor in 0805
    5x - 3.5MM screw terminals
    2x - 10 pin headers of your choice.
    1x - 2 pin jumper


*I might be changing out the TLV70433DBV for something else that is stocked on digikey.

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