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What would you buy?

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Bare Bones is good for people who already have the parts or plans on modding it.


Kit is good for most DIYs because of the convenience.


Semi-Assembled for the difficult parts (mainly smd ICs, and anything smaller than 0805. 1206 I prefer, but 0805 isn't too unweildy compared to it)


Fully assembled is for the arduino/beginner crowd because they rather get going right off the bat instead of hassling with the hazards of assembling (Bad solder joints, parts reversed, over heated, static discharge, bridged traces, etc). You don't have to worry about is a part bad, or is my technique bad.


Personally, I'm cheap, so I'd go with the bare board because I could hopefully scavenge everything else.


Business wise, I think Kit, Semi and Full are the same when calculating bare costs, and just order a couple more for those who like bare boards (The same margin of boards you expect to damage during assembly if you do it yourself).


I wonder what ModernDevice or Adafruit thinks of it. I know Adafruit is very competition friendly and offers advice on kit-businesses. I'm sure Limor wouldn't mind talking shop of when to offer different types of boards, pricing, and how much of each.

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