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Real-Time Clock (RTC) Library for the MSP430/LaunchPad

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Hi,   On this page you can find the code for a simple C library using the RTC capabilities included in the MSP430g2553 shipped with the LaunchPad. I know TI already offer a nice RTC lib but it is i

Attached is my modified version of Yannick's RTC library.   The main changes I have made are that it also does dates, and allows either 1 second or 1/256 second resolution.  To avoid code bloat for

I discovered I actually had the stray dot in my documentation - oops!! sorry.   I haven't found as much difference in compilation size as you are getting. I am only finding 36 bytes difference betwe

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@@russcky - a couple of thoughts:

have you restarted Energia since you copied the library in?

Are the library files copied to: /..pathtoenergia../hardware/msp430/libraries/RTCplus

Also, make sure none of the files have ended up with the wrong case (eg not RTCplus.h not rtcplus.h)


Beyond that, I'm not sure. I've occasionally had Energia complain of similar errors, but it usually fixes it if I restart Energia, or add the library again. I don't know why adding the library is any different to manually entering the #include, but it seems to behave differently.

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That's a solution. A dirty one, but still a solution.

As Graham suggested, you might have a "case sensitive" problem in your "libraries" directory.

Floating around between OS X (which is case sensitive or not depending on how you ask him), other UNIXes and Windows, it's a developer's nightmare to properly handle every case.



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Agreed... not ideal, I'm still investigating it... but it got me past that point where I could work on the next component I want to have working which is an SD Card for storage and then the ability to send audio files from the SD card to a speaker.


Loads of fun though, thanx again.



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