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embedXcode: Energia on OS X with Xcode

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For OS X users looking for a more powerful IDE, why not to use Xcode?


embedXcode is a Xcode 4 template for LaunchPad development. It relies on Energia for the framework and the libraries. It is based on a modular set of makefiles.


embedXcode currently supports Arduino 0023 and 1.0, Wiring, chipKIT and LaunchPad platforms. Maple is on the pipes.


Full website including features, installation guide and downloads available at :arrow: embedXcode.weebly.com.


Enjoy ;)

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Hi Rei


Yes, the template idea is really neat.

I have been using one for compiling to AVR.

However I am stuck to Snow Leopard (XCode 3.2) and your template does not work under XCode 3.2...

Also, I like the "all in one" approach of Energia, even if the XCode editor is superior in many ways.



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Bonjour xv4y,


You could use the standard Xcode project :arrow: mpideXcode with Xcode 3 and turn it into a template for Xcode 3.


Apple has changed the format for the templates, making Xcode 3 and 4 incompatible.


Actually, the main contribution brought by embedXcode resides on the :arrow: modular set of makefiles. I tested them with NetBeans and they worked just fine. There's no reason they shouldn't work with Xcode 3.


Enjoy :)

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I'm working on the next release of :arrow: embedXcode. I plan to integrate a self-documenting feature.


After having reviewed HeaderDoc, doxygen and appledoc, I picked doxygen.


Integration with Xcode is the main challenge. The idea is to select a specific target to build the documentation, obtain a PDF and integrate a codeset Xcode could use.


There's still a lot of work to do.


Stay tuned ;)

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I've updated and posted a new version of the embedXcode template in sync with the Energ?a commit dated July 22, 2012.


TimerSerial is now under the cores folder and no longer under the Libraries folder.


As always, download is available :arrow: here with the Installation Guide and User Manual.


Enjoy :)

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