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This will DEFINITELY take off. This is amazing. Almost exactly what I've been looking for. only a couple lines of code to blink an LED. All i was asking for. You just made the MSP430 a contender against the Arduino. In 2 hours, I have been able to do more with my MSP430 than i have in the last 11 months, despite going through all the tutorials, GRACE, code stealing from the templates, etc. TI should send you a nice fat check. I know i'll be donating, and this is the first piece of software i ever said that about! get a software serial for the USI based controllers (like for the 2231 and F2012), get those pins straight, and then give us a low powered mode calls (like -- powerMode(LMP1) ), and you just revolutionized the whole game.


Sorry, i'm really excited. i just made it spin a servo motor and light up LEDs in under an hour. You have have no idea...just...thank you all who helped.

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Thank for the kind words!

You probably already figured out that there is a TimerSerial implementation for devices that do not have hardware serial (USCI). Example is in File->Examples->TimerSerial. As for the low power modes, it is on the TODO list.


robertinant (Robert)

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Let me tell you how long I have been waiting for someone to do this! The MSP430 is a great chip and the launchpad is a great board! The traditional tool-chain is pretty horrible though, especially for new users! Now we have a great development environment to work with! Finally we have a cheap low power solution with a great IDE right in the hobbyist usability range! Thank you thank you thank you! I'll be excited to watch development continue and this project mature! Keep at it!

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