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Howto: Launchpad as External Programmer

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Hi Guys,


I just fought my way through the process of getting a Launchpad to operate as a standalone programmer on a virgin windows machine. I didn't want to install CCS5.1 to get this to work. I want the bare minimum install footprint because this is going on a production line computer.


Follow this process and it should work for you too.


1. Install the FET430UIF Low-Level USB VCP Drivers.

2. Plug in the Launcpad to the PC and let the PC assign the drivers to the Launchpad.

3. Open up a command console and enter the command "devmgmt.msc".

4. Verify the "MSP430 Application UART" is present under Ports (Com & LPT).

5. Download and Install the FET Pro430 Lite from Elpotronics.

6. Open up FETPro430 and click on Setup->Connection/DeviceReset.

7. Verify that the COM Port is USB (Automatic)

8. Open code file and select your TI .out or Intel .hex file.

9. Select the Microcontroller group and target ie: MSP430G2xx, MSP430G2553

10. Connect GND, TEST and RESET (at minimum) to your target board. Make sure there's power applied to your circuit in this case.

11. Click on AUTO PROG. and watch your target get programmed.


This should work on your windows PC that does has never had CCS installed on it. And you won't have to resort to installing it either.


Also, this should work with any version of Launchpad.

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