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msp430 launchpad rev1.5 sensored brushless motor control

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Hello guys,


I have posted my


BLDC motor control with msp430g2553 (launchpad rev1.5)


on e2e TI's site.


I designed the boards for simple brushless motor control formatted in boosterpack style.


My goal is to test theese boards in one mounth but if you could go faster please feel free to contribute


and thank you very much...


I appreciate very much if you have time to grow up the project



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Hi Max,

Welcome to the Forums.

That's great! Could you share a link with us and also pictures?

What are you running - Sine/FOC?


I shared my CCS project folder here


and also Eagle Cad project folder, I designed a boosterpack style board which purpose is to control brushless


motors with hall sensors with the cheap but lovable launchpad board rev1.5.


Then I had also redesigned the board with L6234PD IC from ST in order to get a smaller and easier version for etching enthusiasts.


For the fw I haven't tested any motor yet but I simulated the behaviour of a running motor's hall encoder


with another launchpad board (rev1.4 this time) in order to debug basilar errors and overall behaviour.


I compiled a succesful version and called it v1.1.


So there are many things to do the first is to build the board (one of the two) and run the fw.


The fw I have produced are three: the main control motor fw, wich recognize the hall sensor sequence and


switch properly high-side/low-side switches appying user controlled pwm via potentiometer and the other twos,


basically both a bldc motor hall sequence generator. The first one trigger the next hall sequence via user (button) or serial interface (type h character),


the other via external square input. The motor control fw v1.1 is expected to control the speed of a bldc motor with a potentiometer in open loop. Howewver the software is deeply commented...


No Sine/FOC it is too complicated for msp430 I believe...


Thank you for your attention!



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