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Nokia 5110 Booster Pack

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@@RobG So I just got my TSSOP MSP430G2553 soldered onto the breakout board, do you have a list of values for the passives? They're not listed on the schematic.

It is in the BOM list( also in the store line). Is this what you wanted.


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Well, I think adapter is more appropriate, but let's call it a booster pack. There is nothing fancy, few connection options and a reset RC.  

Here is the code (still needs some work like handling of new line, home, row/col tracking, etc.)   5510_2xx3_UART.c #include "msp430.h" #include "PCD8544.h" typedef unsigned char u_char; typede

Hi   I posted a blog entry about your display booster pack.   http://rubines.blogspot.co.at/2013/07/nokia-5110-booste-pack.html   Cheers Rubi

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