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Overwrite a variable in Flash Memory in MSP430F5529

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I am storing a sensor value in the Flash Memory in a Segment of MSP430F5529 board. Since the data from the sensor keeps changing i want the data to be overwritten so that not much of space in flash memory is used. Is there a simple way to achieve the overwrite feature in flash memory ?

Also i have another doubt, i wanted to know if i keep writing continuously a data to flash memory, does the microcontroller gets caught in writing to the flash and slows the running program ?

thank you for taking time to review my questions.

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Hello Rei,

thanks for your response. But won't writing to a micro SD-card stall the CPU for long time ? if so then it's something I do not want as it will affect my normal running loop.

Is there an alternate for this ?

@Rei Vilo

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