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LaunchPad Web Server - control your LP over the network

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Here's the web server software for my Ethernet booster pack.
The software is 95% ready, still few bugs and some cleanup left, I will post the code when complete.

The whole thing takes up just under 4.5KB and uses ~400 bytes of RAM, so you still have ~11KB and ~100 bytes of RAM left for whatever you need.

BTW, I really need to get a tripod for my iPhone :smile:

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Here are few more details.


The format of the request is: /A?t=T&n=N&v=V where A is action, T is target, N is number, and V is value.

Value can be a single letter, number from 0-255, or hex 0x00-0xFF (upper or lower case.)

Action can be:

g - get

s - set

b - bit set

c - bit clear (the last two are not implemented yet.)


Target can be:

p - PxIN

o - PxOUT

r - PxREN

e - PxIES

i - PxIE

f - PxIFG

s - PxSEL

t - PxSEL2


m - memory dump

a - get ADCMEM

c - get ADC channel (not implemented yet.)

u - UART/SPI (not implemented yet.)

g - general use register (not implemented yet.)

x - X-10 commands (not implemented yet.)


Number depends on the target, for example port number P1, P2, etc., can be a single letter, number from 0-255, or hex 0x00-0xFF (upper or lower case.)


Here's an example ADC xml and here's the port example xml.

Here's a page that shows how to use AJAX and jQuery to parse XML.


I will probably make my server publicly accessible once I put in port mask to prevent accidental changes and the ajax page will pull the actual temp in my room :)




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