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MSP430 and Nokia 6100 LCD

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I'd much prefer working with this LCD: Nokia LCD 6101


It's cheap and better than the one I am playing with, but the 20 pin 0.5mm connectors are hard to find.

I am also not confident with smd soldering either. I wish there was a flexible/cheap breakout for it...

Perhaps my buddy norlin can help. I think he recently joined the forum.

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Save the cell phone's pcb. The connector is normally connected to test points through out the board, and gives you a nice board to mount the lcd on, AND the backlighting leds are always attached to the board, not the lcd.


that's what i'm going try next. but i don't want to have a bulky piece of pcb dangling, will try and cut it out enough to solder my thin wires on. thanks for advice.

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Finally had the chance to do a write up on work done so far:




The code can be downloaded here:



I am still trying to squeeze every bit (literally!) of flash space out of the chip, so I can fit a simple game in there.

Let me know if you guys have good suggestions/feedback.

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