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MSP430 and Nokia 6100 LCD

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Here's a preview of my msp430 project.



Just started mucking around with sparkfun lcd breakout board.

Managed to take the code they had for arduino and made it work with msp430g2211 on mini breadboard.




Next steps:


- use simpleavr's i2c library to interface against wii nunchuck

- make a simplegame that uses wii nunchuck for user input and lcd display for graphics

- thinking about making the system modular by breaking functionality into 2 msp430g2211 chips:

one handling lcd graphics and the other on game logic and wii nunchuck.

the chips would communicate over SPI.

- replace sparkfun's lcd breakout with low cost soloution: custom made pcb, and a few components.


As time permits, I'll post the code, etc...

I'll attempt to fit everything on a mini breadboard. (inspiration from simpleavr's projects)

Let's see how this goes.


EDIT: dang, you can hear my baby crying in the background in the video. what a nice dad. 8-)

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Finally made a bit more progress on this project.

I got wii nunchuck working with msp430g2211.

Now I can retrieve the values and plot them on the nokia lcd. 8-)




Here's a video proof.



You can see I am also working under linux.

First, mspdebug flashes the chip, and then it shows wii nunchunk joy stick controlling the small dot on lcd screen.


Time to fit a small game into 200bytes of flash I have left. haha




I still owe you this code. Let me tidy it a bit more, do a write up and then post the code in git or google code.

I'll let you know.

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i had salvaged a nokia 2630 lcd, it got 2x12 pin 0.4mm connectors, i tried to draw wires out and have it messed up. guess i have to get a breakout board.


Yeah, the connectors for these LCD's are too fiddly to work with.

Without the breakout, the LCD's themselves are relatively cheap, but you'd have to get a separate smd connector for it - like one of these: DF23C-10DS


This blog has a breakout that would be good for projects like this, but you'd have to take the schematic and make it yourself (or get it manufactured from services like batchpcb)

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Darn my memory! I remember seeing a breakout board with circuitry that had connectors for multiple types of cell-phone LCDs. The problem? I can't remember where, or if they were available to make/buy! :oops:


I'll edit if I find them. I usually bookmark cool stuff like that. Of course, that results in a LOT of bookmarks! :? Still, less than the whole intarwebs!

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it's this one, kind of like a test board for "a lot" of different phone types.


http://rossum.posterous.com/screen-play ... or-microco


i really don't want to do smd / pcb, will find another old phone to and try my soldering skills again. if i ask, i always get phones to play w/. people are switching phones every 6 months now.


i am sure i can wire a nokia 1208 (w/ 0.5mm 10 pin connector, 128x96, 4096 color), but that also seems to be "too old" and hard to get by.

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