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New TI.com home page

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Talk about a relaunch gone horribly wrong...


While the TI.com page was never very Chrome friendly, it is now completely unusable. I cannot get the collapsible sections on the product information pages to open. And besides, these are horrible from a design point anyway, because the page seems cluttered, but there isn't any information on it anymore. Who at TI made the decision to let the intern take a shot at a multi billion dollar company home page?


Oh, and right now, I can't even get it to load...




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Operative word being "yet". Ever since I've been a relatively regular ti.com visitor, they have always just made it worse, but at least in the true way of evolution, much worse, every time. Up until now I had to change from Firefox (which I am probably using with a funky tab configuration, though nothing else has problems with it) to whatever else to be able to order stuff from Estore -- I wonder if this time the fallback strategy will have to be st.com...?


Good job, TI web team. If you think this is a compliment, "sarcasm" is under "s" in the dictionary.


Ah, and I just noticed this afternoon, they managed to completely f*** up every single National datasheet link Google remembers. Excellent!

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