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Launchpad TV output

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I got my Launchpad to output B/W composite video. It only displays one image without re-flashing though, so it's not extremely useful. The only external components are two resistors and a crystal oscillator. I plan on writing it up on my blog and releasing the source sometime this week, unless I get too busy with school. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to ever get this working, so I'm feelin' pretty good right now!

Proof ;-)



Code for use with an external oscillator:



Code for if you have your DCO configuration constants calibrated:



EDIT: Here's the writeup!


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Awesome! Now we will have a working 16-bit Ultra Low Power Video game that will run on CR2032 batteries... :)


That's actually what I've been working on -- pong. It's pretty much done, aside from a few minor bugs and the need to add on-screen score display. It should only require two additional components, a couple of potentiometers. I'll have finished in time for the next contest or sooner.

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