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FRAM Experimenter Board trouble

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Hi, i was playing with my fram board today, trying to work with a servo. Everything was going great, till i tried to test the limits of the signal sent to the servo.

When i sent a pulse of 450 us (with a period of 20 ms), the servo's arm went all the way to the left (from where i was standing) and then it bugged. It didn't have any strength to make the arm stay at the same place place when i manually moved it. Well, it was expected, since a 450 us pulse was probably a little off the range of the servo's control signal.


The problem is that while i was playing with the servo's arm, the CCS stopped answering, and the board's power led started to blink dimly. I don't know why, but now the VCC and GND pins are shorted. All i could do was to narrow the problem's source to the mcu side of the board, not the debugger side.


There is nothing connected to my board right now, but VCC and GDN are still shorted.


Just some extra info, the board was being powered by the usb connection, the servo by a 5V (1A max) power supply and the ground of the power supply was connected to the board's ground. The servo is an HTX900.


So, any ideas about what went wrong? And, is there any chance i could fix it?



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