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#warning directive in CCS5?

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I'm trying to use the ANSI C #warning directive in CCS5.


CCS5 it claims that it's an unrecognized pre-processor directive. :?




I would like to use it to remind myself that I need to take care of something in the code - like a reminder "remember to kill the watchdog".


It then should show up as a yellow flagged Warning in the Problems window.


Anybody else trying/doing this?

If so, how did you get it to work?

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I must have a bad memory because I thought for sure that my buddy said that it was an ANSI C standard thing.


He must have meant GNU standard thing.



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you can use the assembler message, warning, and error directives as well.

asm(" .mmsg \"Your Message\"");

which i use to output messages in the build console.

*** MESSAGE! line 225: ___ _ ___ __ __ __ __ ___ ___
*** MESSAGE! line 226: | __| /_\ / __|\ \ / /| \/ |/ __|| _ \
*** MESSAGE! line 227: | _| / _ \ \__ \ \ V / | |\/| |\__ \| _/
*** MESSAGE! line 228: |___|/_/ \_\|___/ |_| |_| |_||___/|_|
*** MESSAGE! line 230: EasyMSP is compiling...
*** MESSAGE! line 231: Using board: LaunchPad
*** MESSAGE! line 232: Device is MSP430G2553
*** MESSAGE! line 233: Series is Value Line

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