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Value Line series easy DCO setting library

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Here's an existing TI lib I modified to work with the Value Line series and CCS.   Since the G series doesn't come with factory-calibrated DCO settings, I wanted an easy way to set the MCLK to 16MHz

if u dump out the stock flash portion where the calibrated values are defined.   (mspdebug) dis 0x10f0 010f0: ff ff ff ff AND.B @R15+, 0xffff(R15) 010f4: ff ff ff ff

it was the crystal all along.   the c example msp430x20xx_dco_flashcal.c (from slau80) has been working all right.   i finally solder a 32khz crystal onto my launchpad, result became better but st

I had thought about that. I was also thinking you could fill up the unused space in Segment A with the other calibrations and edit the linker and header files.


that is my next goal, there is alot of space in Segment A when you dont have adc calibration in there. I am currently re- reading TLV structure to find the correct addresses that are open, hopefully by the end of this week i will have a list of valid adresses and be able to load your calibration data from there.

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Hi everyone,


I'm a newcomer to MSP430 programming, so am learning all the time.


I understand that the Value Line 'G' series come with only 1 DCO calibration constant, for 1 Mhz. I ordered some samples from TI and got a few IC's.


I have checked a 2553 with the disassembler in CCS and it seems to have non 'FF' values for the other 3 constants too:


0x10F8:   8FA3 8EAE           SUB.W   @R15,0x8eae(R3)
0x10FC:   8DA1 86D7           SUB.W   @R13,0x86d7(SP)


Does this mean it has already been calibrated ? If that's right, many thanks TI.





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