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Hello all,
I tried the TivaWare™ Peripheral Driver Library example of page 96 of https://www.ti.com/lit/ug/spmu298d/spmu298d.pdf on Energia 1.8.11E23, this is the code I run:

#include <sysctl.h>
#include <crc.h>

void setup() {
  while (!Serial){};
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  uint32_t g_ui32Result;
  // Random data for generatingCRC.
  uint32_t g_ui32RandomData[16] =
    0x8a5f1b22, 0xcb935d29, 0xcc1ac092, 0x5dad8c9e,
    0x6a83b39f, 0x8607dc60, 0xda0ba4d2, 0xf49b0fa2,
    0xaf35d524, 0xffa8001d, 0xbcc931e8, 0x4a2c99ef,
    0x7fa297ab, 0xab943bae, 0x07c61cc4, 0x47c8627d
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  // Enable the CRC module.
  Serial.println("Abilitata la periferica");
  // Wait for the CRC module to be ready.
  while (!SysCtlPeripheralReady(SYSCTL_PERIPH_CCM0))

  Serial.println("La priferica è pronta");

  // Configure the CRC module.
               CRC_CFG_INIT_SEED |
               CRC_CFG_TYPE_P4C11DB7 |

  Serial.println("Configurata la periferica");

  // Set the seed value.
  CRCSeedSet(CCM0_BASE, 0x5a5a5a5a);

  Serial.println("Configurato il seed");

  // Process the data and get the result.
  // The result should be
  // 0x75fd6f5c.
  g_ui32Result = CRCDataProcess(CCM0_BASE, g_ui32RandomData, 16, false);
  Serial.print("Dati processati il risultato è: ");
  Serial.println(g_ui32Result, HEX);

void loop() {


but the result is E6C4210D not the expected 0x75fd6f5c

does somehone know which is the issue?


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