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code not working unless I put a delay(0) within the loop

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I have the code attached here for testing a 3digit 7 segment display and some pushbuttons.

I use an interrupt routine to update the display, manage blinking and debouncing buttons.

The program should just change the value on the 7 segment display when pushing a button (falling edge on the pin).

Code is working if I put a delay(0) within my while loop (line 87). Without the delay(0) the code in the while loop is doing nothing (it also works if I eg. put random(0) iso. delay(0) )

Looks like the compiler is ignoring the code in the while loop for some strange reason.

Anyone who can explain what is going wrong ? And how to avoid it ?

I am running this on an MSP430G2452; energia version 1.8.11E23 (but same behaviour in 1.6)






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