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I thought I would share this price I stumbled on.


http://avnetexpress.avnet.com/store/em/ ... stIndex=-1


I was checking out what my student samples from TI actually cost and noticed that Avnet was selling the F5529 in single units at the same price of their 4,000 unit quantities. Yesterday they were $5.47, but they sold 200 and now the price is $5.88 with 150 units left in stock.


Current prices from digikey and mouser are currently $9.18 in singles, big difference! I am wondering if they will correct the price when they get their new shipment from the factory in a couple weeks.

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Aye, bluehash can order the unpop... I'm not yet ready to start making more populated ones. Though I totally plan on making another 10 set within the next few months. Just making 10 kinda eats up my hobby budget that I bounce around... Currently it's sitting in the LCD's, then I've got it set to do some other stuff... It'll definitely make it back around to more 5529's though!

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