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Interruption with button counter

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Hello guys im making a program that count the number of button pushes with a interruption, every time that the button is pushed a servomotor get a position of 4 positions availables, the problem is when the servomotor get the last position and then I push the button one more time the servomotor is in the same last position so I would like that when I push the button the servomotor start again in the first position, I tried with return and break but it doesnt work, please any advice?

here the interruption:

#pragma vector=PORT2_VECTOR
__interrupt void Port2_ISR(void)

if(!(PxIFG & GDO0_PIN));
if(PxIFG & GDO0_PIN);

if (conta==1)
if (conta ==2)
if (conta ==3)
if (conta ==4)

// I tried break and return like this:

   PxIFG &= ~GDO0_PIN;      

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