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Most of the LaunchPad boards of the SimpleLink range include an XDS110 programmer-debugger. The XDS110 programmer-debugger brings interesting options like selecting one board among many for uploading and debugging.

Release 11.4.8 of embedXcode+ improves support for the XDS110 programmer-debugger.


Please refer to Select among multiple boards connected through XDS110  and Upload to LaunchPad boards with XDS110.

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When I started developing embedXcode in 2010 and decided to share it in 2012, I’ve never imagined that it would be still active so many years later.


Because of the multiple challenges embedXcode faces today, the adventure is coming to an end.

embedXcode does not plan to support macOS 11 Big Sur and Xcode 12 but will focus instead on long-term support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and Xcode 11.

To replace embedXcode, I recommend

I want to thank all the users who enjoyed embedXcode and supported the project by making donations and reporting issues, allowing to reach a high level of stability.

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I’ve migrated to Debian with Gnome desktop and I am using Visual Studio Code as IDE. As an additional bonus, all the technologies and tools I’ve developed for embedXcode run fine after minor adaptations.

Some of the limitations I mentioned 4 years ago are still there but nothing critical. The new solution is fast and responsive, and I really enjoy the integrated debugger.

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