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Rei Vilo


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Updated User Manual and Support for Xcode 4.5.1


I updated the user manual based on the feed-back I've received about the following two sections: installation and target selection.


embedXcode now supports Xcode 4.5.1.


The package includes the templates, the code snippets, and the User Manual.


As always, documentation is :arrow: here and download :arrow: there!

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Any plans to add any of the STM32 discovery boards?


It happens TI has launched the StellarPad, featuring a Stellaris LM4F120H5QR ARM Cortex-M4.


Thanks to the previous implementations for ARM Cortex M3-based Leaflabs Maple and the SAM-based Arduino Due, embedXcode now supports the StellarPad.


I've tested successfully building, linking and uploading.


I'm waiting for the official Energia update with Stellaris support before releasing embedXcode version 18.


Stay tuned smile.png

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The maintenance of the embedXcode template is really difficult due to Apple secrecy around and lack of documentation on Xcode.


So I'm considering switching from Xcode to another IDE.


Here's an open letter to Apple Xcode team. Feel free to send it to members of the Apple Xcode team you know.


Thank you for your help :)



Dear Xcode Team' date='


Xcode offers superior features and ergonomics compared with other IDEs running on OS X.

Unfortunately, its restricted documentation prevents from using many of its features.


I'm using Xcode as a development tool for embedded computing platforms.

As at today, the embedXcode template supports Arduino, Diligent chipKIT with MPIDE, Texas Instruments' Launchpad with Energia, Leaflab Maple, Teensy, Wiring, and has received a warm welcome from the embedded computing community.


The issues I'm currently facing are mostly linked to the lack of available documentation.

The books available on Xcode focus on how to use the tool, not on how to customise it. Similarly, Apple doesn't provide any clues about its inner structure.

For example, keywords used by the templates are not documented. Neither is using other tool-chains, albeit the specific Toolchains folder.


Is Xcode solely limited OS X and iOS development?

By just releasing some documentation on Xcode inner organisation and customisation, Apple can easily make Xcode the best choice for developers.


Otherwise, I'd have no option but to switch to another IDE and to abandon OS X.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,


--- Rei Vilo


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That's unfortunate. Would Eclipse be a good alternate?


Other users of embedXcode recommend me NetBeans.


Actually, there's already one plug-in for Eclipse for Arduino. Eclipse seems to be very sophisticated.


The truth is, I don't want to spend most of my spare time designing a tool instead of playing with the LaunchPad!

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