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MSP430f55xx dev board

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I wasn't sure to put this in here or in projects.


I've been using SD/MMC cards in my projects as a media for bootloading from. I thought it would be great if the systems I've been working with had USB as removing and replacing SD cards is a timely task when you are developing code. So I designed this board to use with the USB MSP430 devices.


It's sole purpose is to connect the USB and breakout all the IO pins of a difficult to breadboard package. But I added some niceties to it, to aid in development.

3 buttons

5 LEDs

1 Micro SD slot.

A reset and bootloader button.

External power in.


Here is the board as I sent it to get fabbed. I only put components on the topside, I like it this way.



I copied the USB connections from TI's devboard/datasheets so I hope that all works properly. What do you guys think?

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Finally got around to building this.



more pictures/eagle v6 files: http://greg.so/projects/0007.html


I made a mistake with the USB oscillator. On ICs with an XT2 you MUST connect a high speed crystal in order for the USB to operate. So in the picture you can see I have deadbuged a 8Mhz oscillator onto the X2 pins. :)


I have gotten the builtin USB BSL to work. now I just have to get gcc to compile TI's USB stack. :thumbup:

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