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It has four Sanyo LC79401 LCD drivers that can drive 80 columns, so maybe 320 pixel horizontal resolution.

It has three Sanyo LC79300 LCD drivers that can drive 80 rows, so maybe 240 pixel vertical resolution.

Those Sanyo chips are basically just shift registers with outputs specifically for LCD drive. The display has to be constantly refreshed by an external LCD controller or maybe a MCU. That would require 9600 bytes for frame buffer and a good chunk of MPU time.


This may be the pinout...

1 Vo

2 Vee

3 D3 to 79401

4 D2 to 79401

5 D1 to 79401

6 D0 to 79401

7 Gnd

8 +5

9 CL2 to 79401

10 CL1 to 79430

11 FLM (DIOB0)

12 LED K

13 LED A

14 NC


The Epson S1D13305 controller may work with this LCD. Getting one of these controller chips may be difficult.

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