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Ethernet Booster Pack

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The fully integrated stack seems mightily appealing for Ethernet stacks are generally a pain. This chip I believe is what Arduino uses for its Ethernet shield. Only thing that scares me about this chip is the datasheet. The chinglesh in the datasheet is rather frightening if you read the whole thing through.

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[EDIT] The newest version of this BP is here   [EDIT] This project is finished Available in the 43oh Store. This is still in it's early phase, so I need your input. Here are some specs so far: 1.

First board (actually it's the second one) assembled and working as expected! Shipping rest of the boards to SA tomorrow.  

If all goes well with the booster pack, a standalone version will follow. The one below is 2" x 1", has MSP430G2553, LDO, 8 GPIOs, and a programming header.  

Posted Images

As far as I can see, they are quite cheap (~5 USD at Mouser) compared to the ENC28J60 (~3.5 USD). For the 1.5 USD extra you get a TCP/IP implementation and more RX/TX memory (8KB vs 32KB). Good deal, or too good to be true?

They are $3.69 at Saelig.


I am getting the WIZ820io this week, which is based on W5200. Once I get it working with LaunchPad, I will finish up my Ethernet board and send it to Seeed.


Is there any interest in a group buy?

W5200@$3.69 + MagJack@$2.99 + ~$12 S/H(Saelig), boards ~$1.50 each (Seeed,) and finally S/H (TBD.)

Ordering other parts (xtal, ferrites, resistors, caps) from Avnet or Mouser is a possibility.

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Here's the initial BOM


// Seeed

1 x PCB

// Saelig

1 x W5200

1 x RB1-125BAG1A

// Mouser

3 x BKP1608 HS 121

1 x ABLS-25.000MHZ-B2F-T

// resistors

12 x 10k 0603

2 x 220 0603

4 x 49.9 1% 0603

1 x 1M 0603

1 x 28.7k 1% 0603

// caps

11 x 0.1 0603

2 x 18p 0603

2 x 10u/10V 2012

1 x 3u3/16V 2012

//optional things


2 x 10u/10V 2012

1 x 0.1 0603

1 optional MSP430G2553, TSSOP or DIP

2 optional optos, TBD

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I am almost done with the layout. However, I just got my WIZ820io (which is what I am using as a reference for my booster pack) and now I am thinking of using a different MagJack. For now, I will concentrate on the driver to make sure I can get W5200 to work with 2553.






@username, as you can see, even though this is QFN, it should be fairly easy to solder.





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To get the interface up, all you need to do is write few values to W5200's registers: IP, mask, gateway, MAC, and buffer sizes. Besides your regular MSP setup, you need few lines of code to send/receive SPI and few lines of code to set memory address and write data to it.


The hardest part is parsing incoming data, everything else is a breeze.

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