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MIDI Arpeggiator

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This is one of the things you can do with my MIDI Booster Pack, create a simple MIDI Arpeggiator.


There are eight preset patterns, functionality to record custom ones will be added at a later time.

Program Change changes the pattern.

MIDI Stop and MIDI Start are implemented to stop and start the sequence.

Speed can be adjusted using a controller.

Note's velocity is used for the whole pattern, making patterns more dynamic.


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Attached is the code (v1.)


Here are some of the improvements I am planning to make:

1. Recordable pattern with fixed note duration and timing.

2. Recordable pattern with the actual note duration and timing.

3. Two measure patterns using two single measure patterns.

4. Multiple MIDI channels for multitimbral patterns. you can play more than one note at the same time right now, but on the same channel.

5. Variable event list, for mixing chords, single notes, and control change messages for example.

6. Other types of events, not just notes.

6. Split keyboard functionality, for separate beat and pattern tracks

7. Selecting patterns with the key rather than a note. Would work nice with split keyboard, left keys would select pattern, right keys would select note.


Hmmm, ETA... next spring :)

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Updated files in the previous post with the following fixes:

1. Stop takes effect after the whole pattern is done. For some reason, my sound modules kept playing the notes after all notes/sound off was issued.

2. Only natural notes are played now, so if your pattern is 0-2-4 and you play B, B-D-E is played instead of B-C#-D#. Also, playing sharp/flat notes results in playing the next natural note. C# will be played as D-E-F (0-2-4 pattern.)

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Hi Rob


I'm getting back to my MSP430 after a bit of a hiatus. I see you've worked a bit more on these midi projects since I last looked. I'm a bit confused though. Which files do I need to make this arpeggiator work? I have an old working version, but this new version seems to have much less code and no main function. There is obviously a very sensible reason for this - would you mind explaining it for the sake of this particular dimwitted noob please?!





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