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Wrist watch project

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How hard would it be to integrate and I2c external port or use an OLED display?


I wrote you LONNNGGGG message with ideas for your consideration, but then deleted it as this is YOUR project. If you are interested, i'll send it as a PM. What i would say is that the Chronos uses a very simple, and space saving button method of just thin metal that the other buttons press inwards to make contact to complete the circuit. It's definitely a nice design.


The other thing is that you can use a small PAS battery, similar to the ones in Electronic Goldmine, and a small voltage regulator, if not solar. What this will do, if you put a small charge port in the side with a voltage regulator, is use a micro USB port (use a phone charger or a computer USB port) to do a quick charge of the PAS batery. This can also be used for data downloads, or sync the time, in case you lost power.


Also, why odn't you try and compete and a different price level than "uber chep"?

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well,in short, i was saying that you shouldn't aim for the low end watch market. You should aim higher. like, $150ish range, and compete wiht the pebble. give it an base array of sensors comprobable to the Chronos, and then add the bluetooth for SPP. The claim to fame is an external ports for I2C, which allows you to attach other physical devices. At least that is how I would do it. God, I wish I could program better.


And use PAS battery for quick charge, and turn off the display if power too low.

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The price per unit from the distributor ended up at about 4 USD per LCD, which was more expensive than I had initially been told. But you can get the bare LCD for that price + shipping if you're interested.


The two boosterpacks that are based on this LCD will be available in the 43oh store in a few days. If you want the 'mini-board', it's only available here: http://lars.roland.bz/store/index.php?r ... duct_id=52 since I haven't fully tested the MSP430 chip on the back of the board yet.

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