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I call BS...


Of course, TI might be able to disable JTAG functionality on their ICs, but it's not a documented feature. And why would they break out the JTAG header if it's unusable? And as for the MP3 licensing: if speedsthatbeat was able to substitute the BoosterPack .bin on the SD card with the one from the audio connected framework and it worked, there is no reason why it shouldn't work the other way around. So you could just as easily sniff around the MP3 code with an eZdsp5535.


I guess it's just to discourage people from buying the ACTBP for DSP development, as it wasn't meant for that.

Anyway, I just ordered one, will tell you in a bit if it works with my XDS100v2 ;-)




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Has anyone considered using this as a audio frequency waveform generator? It would seem like it would make a nice little instrument for the bench, one could use the cap touch-pad to dial in the freque

I did the test and substituted the bootimg.bin on the SD with the one from the audio connected framework and it works. The board is then recognized as a USB audio i/o device with audio processing. N

It seems TI have just produced an audio / capacitive touch booster pack. On special at $30 for a while, then up to $35. Ideal if you want to make your own iPod I suppose.

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Disabling JTAG on MSP430 is a documented and supported feature - they call it "blowing the JTAG fuse." It is done to provide "code protect."


The C5000 DSP may have the same feature.


You're right, there is something like that for the C55x. Your comment made me google a bit and I found this:


http://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/tms320c50 ... 49849.aspx


There seem to be special C55's which have JTAG disabled, so it's possible that they were used. I will know for sure when I get my board, probably sometime next week. Worst case scenario, I will ask one of my colleagues to swap the DSP with one that has JTAG :D

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