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Has anyone considered using this as a audio frequency waveform generator? It would seem like it would make a nice little instrument for the bench, one could use the cap touch-pad to dial in the freque

I did the test and substituted the bootimg.bin on the SD with the one from the audio connected framework and it works. The board is then recognized as a USB audio i/o device with audio processing. N

It seems TI have just produced an audio / capacitive touch booster pack. On special at $30 for a while, then up to $35. Ideal if you want to make your own iPod I suppose.

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I ordered mine on the 4th. Came today.


Now I know it's not a finished product, but I was only using mine for about 30 minutes and it's already locked up twice and has spent a few seconds rebooting itself. It does feel a bit weird to me to use a MSP430 as the master and the DSP as the slave. If you wanted to add captouch just use an MSP430 as a slave to the DSP :lol:


All in all it's a nice addition and will be interesting to see what people come up with.


I would personally like the source code for the DSP so I could add FLAC/OGG/WMA support which the DSP is capable off, just not implemented.


Also FYI it comes with a 2Gb uSD card, which is nice. I thought they might only give you a 32Mb one. (I suppose 2Gb is the smallest size they make nowdays :D )

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Locked up? How'd you do that? I haven't gotten mine to lock at all.


I put some of my own music on it. MP3 @ 192kb/s and when it moves from 1 track to the next it locks up. Works fine if I stop the song move to the next and play it. When it locks up all the LEDs flash @ ~1Hz a couple of times. Then a few seconds later it's doing the startup LED cycle and the MSP resets the DSP.


Related I've already set it up to advertise for 43oh.com :lol:


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I got this booster pack and also notice it locks up and crashes on some certain mp3 songs.


I also wondering if one can load their own programs into this DSP through the SD card or Jtag?


$30 for an mp3 player without ability to change anything is expensive. Mp3 player from ebay with recharged battery and truly portable is about $10. I was hoping to be able to play with some DSP code and load it to the DSP on board.


And if anyone knows how to change the recording to STEREO? The document says that the audio jack only has MONO input, but I'm wondering if I can do some hardware modification to accommodate stereo input.





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From the FAQ:


Q: Can I debug the C5535 DSP by connecting to the JTAG header?

A: No. To protect licensed MP3 encode and decode source code the JTAG of the C5535 DSP on each ACTBP is disabled


Q: How can I debug the C5535 DSP?

A: Use the C5535 eZdsp. The ACTBP provides a black box MP3 player/recorder to the MSP430 LaunchPad. MSP430 debugging is provided but DSP debugging is disabled. The C5535 eZdsp development kit shares almost identical schematics (without the MSP430, capacitive touch, and TRRS headset jack).


So, they basically tell you to buy the C5535 ezDSP kit if you want to play with the C5535.


I'm not sure if the JTAG is disabled in software/hardware. Is it even possible?

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