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Has anyone considered using this as a audio frequency waveform generator? It would seem like it would make a nice little instrument for the bench, one could use the cap touch-pad to dial in the freque

I did the test and substituted the bootimg.bin on the SD with the one from the audio connected framework and it works. The board is then recognized as a USB audio i/o device with audio processing. N

It seems TI have just produced an audio / capacitive touch booster pack. On special at $30 for a while, then up to $35. Ideal if you want to make your own iPod I suppose.

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One realllllllly cheap one... I got two sets of them from Home Depot for $1 each. Simple RF, gets a lot of interference randomly, works great in the new house though. I use them to jam in the garage while soldering... funny thing is I just bought a $25 mp3 player because the really old one I had wouldn't play some of my newer music... this booster played them fine... could have skipped buying the player and just used the booster! lol


I just wish they would make a booster with just the LCD they put on this thing, it's tiny and nice! I like it! So far this booster is seeming pretty sweet, definitely going to have to dig into it and see what I can do :D :think:

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If your in the states you can do their survey for a chance to win one of these boosterpacks.


FYI - the survey link is available on this page


Thanks for the head's up on that!


The page itself says free boosterpack for filling out the survey, not just a chance to win. The survey says its an entry for a chance to win the boosterpack :?

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I2S isn't exposed for an external stream into the C5000 is it?


Unfortunately, no. The only way to get I2S would be to lift the TLV320AIC from the board and solder wires to the pads. But since it is a QFN package, this wouldn't be practical... But then, the ezDSP C5535 is not that expensive... ;-)




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I kind of feel the same way as Tom. I mean, you could use a beagleboard/RasPi/FPGA to do some heavy processing, and attach a Launchpad via the UART to send start/stop signals, but does that make it a "Multimedia HDMI ARM/Custom core Booster pack"?


Taking it to an extreme, could I patch a launchpad into my car's ECU and re-name my car "The Transport Booster Pack"?


To my mind, a "booster" pack adds a little extra functionality to the dev board. When the booster pack is capable of all of the MCU duties and more, doesn't the LP become the booster to the MP3 dev board?


That said, it's great value, and I will certainly be purchasing one :D I just wanted to let Tom know he's not alone in his bemusement :)

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