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(Universal) Color LCD graphics library

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NOTE: Those files are not current as of May 5th 2013. See the first post for the latest. PCF8833 (Nokia 6100) SPFD54124B (Nokia 6085 and 6101) ST7735R (JD-T1800, 1.8" LCD) HX8340B (BTL221722, 2.2" wi

Just FYI. In a couple of weeks, I will be updating this library with the following:   support for HX8340 (2.2" LCD) support for ILI9225 (2.2" LCD with touch panel) landscape/portrait switch most

New versions are here   UPDATE: Sep 3rd 2013 New way to configure dev boards Works with TI's G2 LaunchPad (G2553,) and my G2955, F5172, F5510, F5529 dev boards. Just one line change to switch bet

Posted Images

I have used them with 16MHz clock and they were fine. Which display do you have?


This is how I got my F5172 dev board to work with this library (pin compatible with G LP.)

I removed clock setting lines, commented out HARDWARE_SPI define, changed include from msp430g2553 to msp430f5172, removed all SEL2 references.

Also, since by default MCU runs @1MHz, all delays had to be decreased at least 16x.

Above steps result in very slow drawing speed, but you will have confirmation that your display works.

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i tried to use the tool and get code, but it's not working and i don't know why, have someone of you tried it like "username" and can give me a code example ?






FYI for anyone interested in printing images to their LCD display, this tool is super useful --> http://code.google.com/p/lcd-image-converter/ . You can get the output in hex bytes. Consequently, to print a image you simply do


    setAddr(0, 0, LCD_WIDTH, LCD_HEIGHT);


Only trick with this is that we got a very small amount of flash size on the MSP430. Not even close to being able to fit a full screen generally. I've ported this lib to a cortex-m3 LPC1769 and have been playing around with it on there where I got 512kb flash size. I'd be nice to get an example up with a msp430 using a SD card and flashing an image to it. Trick with most file system like fatfs is our ram is so tiny =( . One of these days when I get abit more time i'll make it a point to try it. Anyhow, heres using that 2.2" display


Cameras taking pics of LCD displays generally doesn't work too well. Looks alot better than the this pic =P

Image i flashed was one I created in highschool and can be seen here: http://www.superiorgamer.deviantart.com/art/The-Empire-s-fleet-84524169



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Never mind.  Just spotted what I need on the wiki.  Not sure why I didn't see it the first time. D'oh


The link to the file inteh wiki is malformed - in has a spurious "f" on the end.  I can't edit it to correct it.




Link under hardware revisions is:




should be






Oz (in DFW)

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Rob, I just bought a display that uses the ST7735 (B actually, which I'm not sure exactly what the difference is compared to the R) and my launchpad is the MSP430F5529. I noticed on the opening page that you are still dealing with some bugs with this combination. Any chance you have solved those since September?


-Edit, just saw the second thread in the forum with the updated libraries. I managed to completely ignore the bold red font that links to it last night :(

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