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Using the internal temperature sensor

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The reason I think heat is responsible for inaccurate temperature readings is that I tried oPossum's code and noticed that temperatures are fairly accurate when I first turn on the launchpad, but then go up 10-20 degrees over time. It's hard to imagine anything else causing this shift.

Okay, ya got me there. (Told you I could be wrong, so I guess I was right in that, at least. ;) )

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First I want to say Hello to everyone. I have been trying to get my "Temperature_sense_Demo" to work ever since I erased it from my msp430g2553 using

Energia. Thanks to Robert Wessels' code "Analoginput_InternalThermometer_430.ino" my 2553 chip is writing a loop of Celsius degrees in Energia.

I am next going to try this interesting code on this page to see how it works.

By the by the TI Lab 2 code does not write to the TempGUI DOS window, I got an error note while using "Processing v 1.5": "RXTX MISMATCH: Jar version = RXTX-2.2pre 1, Native version = RXTX-2.2pre 2" it doesn't know a RED LED from a GREEN LED, or Hot from Cold.

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I found that the datasheet graph is only an example and should not be used as-is in any project.


in my case (msp430f5510), the uC comes with per-chip calibration values built-in for 30 and 85 degrees C for different voltage references. so for those 2 temperatures, the 10bit ADC value is burnt into the chip at a given address (see datasheet for details).


so read those values from the chip for the ADC voltage reference you are using, build a linear regression using those 2 points and using the regression coefficients you can reliably tell the temperature based on the ADC output you get.


I used this in a few projects, you can check out the regression formula here (OpenOffice spreadsheet - see port 6.10):




in the code I will end up using something like:

    adc10_read(10, &q_t_int, REFVSEL_0);
    t_int = 10.0 * ( q_t_int * T_INT_B + T_INT_A );
where T_INT_B and T_INT_A are the regression coefficients
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Please some one Tell me the Pin connections to MSP430 Launchpad, I have below LCD Nokia 5110(Image),
I have some Quarries

1. Please give me pin connections to MSP430 Launchpad to Nokia 5110 LCD
2. This Nokia 5110 LCD is using which Micro controller (I have not opened the booster Pack)
3. My Friend Mentioned the Code in this Post, will it work in Energia only or IAR also



REF # Image


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