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Head up after getting my free display kit from Noritake found out they are giving other displays away.


I first found out about the give-away Nut's and Volt's magazine, here is the link for the current display give-away a GU160X80E-7900B unit.

You have to enter their website via this link to see the correct page.




Good luck!

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US only.


Not even Canada!



I went to the Noritake website and followed the instructions for non-USAians. I just got back a personal email from a Branch Manager in Illinois asking me what application I have in mind for the VFD.


At least they care about their customers!


For the record, I'd probably make a UI for a Reflow Oven with the graphical VFD. That would look cool.

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Uhm... I guess I am a whiner. Ooops. Winner.


I sent them an email claiming that it wasn't fair to exclude Canada. They agreed and sent me a dev kit. 8-)






As you can see, it's a monster!


Kudos to Noritake for being so kind and generous! :clap:


VFDs for Everyone! :lol:

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I just requested a sample of one of their 3900 displays (256x128) and they sent me some of their Gel samples too. I'll have to come up with a good use for the screen, but I'm working on a serial library for the unit currently.


BTW - the retail on these things seems a little high to me. The one they sent me was priced on digikey at over $200 USD


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  • 2 weeks later...
I just got UPS shipping notice, nice.


Yep - just got my notification as well. Since it's a dev kit - I'll hopefully be able to use it with the other VFD they sent me as a sample. I'm considering sending the smaller of the two to BH for the next POTM though. One only needs so many LCD/VFD's.

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